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4 min readSep 19, 2022


Here’s Part 2 of our SEO Tools expose. Read Part 1 here. Here are our four favourite tools at the moment, 2 Free and 2 Premium, and why we think they could transform your small business.

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Search Engine Optimisation. Over the last decade or so, savvy digital marketers have been trying to master these three magic letters.

Don’t you think it would be nice to have Google on your side? Wouldn’t it be great to reach more customers? Is there a smarter, faster way to market?

You can focus on running your business smoothly by letting these external applications handle the dirty work. So which of our discoveries is best suited for YOUR company?



This is a new find for studio4 and is working wonders!

Woorank calls itself a “complete marketing tool.” Where does your website stand in terms of optimization? Take the Woorank review to see how you’re doing. The review is free and takes less than a minute. With Woorank’s “industry-leading insight,” it then devises the perfect plan to optimise your performance.

Woorank provides a full, detailed report on how you’re doing against several metrics. The report is interactive, and you can set your own goals. Follow your progress and see how you’re doing.

A fun new feature is the “is my website doomed” product that speaks for itself.

The prices for the different packages offered range from $79.99 to $199.99 per month, with huge discounts up for grabs if you choose to be billed annually instead of every month. There’s also an option to customise your own team package that’s perfect for your particular set-up. The price for such an option is similarly tailor-made, and you’ll need to connect with the Woorank Sales team to get your own deal worked out.


The real charm of Linkody is in how easy it is to track your link-building campaigns. Subscribers get access to an exhaustive description of how their backlinks are doing.

Every smart entrepreneur knows that keeping an eye on your competition (in a respectful and healthy way) is just as important as looking inwards. Linkody gives you unprecedented access to your competitors’ backlinks.

By having quick, on-the-go information, you’ll know exactly when there’s a problem, allowing you to correct it as soon as possible.

Try the free 30-day trial if all of this sounds interesting, but you’re not yet convinced, without having to enter any credit card information. Linkody’s month-long trial will show you exactly what kind of use you will get out of it.

Depending on the package, you can monitor up to 100 domains and 40,000 links for $14.90 to $153.90 per month. Whatever your digital footprint is, a Linkody subscription can definitely benefit you.



You can usually get your business going by getting in touch with the right people. Building a network of people who can facilitate such a shift is so important, but where do you begin?

Hunter has a way to bypass the awkward beginning for new entrepreneurs. Building your emailing list from the ground up has never been easier!

Hunter lets you access anyone’s professional email. That’s right!

The use for such a tool is obvious, and Hunter gives you 25 free searches every month. With a few clicks, you can get email addresses, “full results, search filters, and CSV downloads” of pretty much anyone. Hunter’s software is used by large corporations like Google, IBM, Microsoft and Adobe, so add your name to the list before you miss out!


With Keyworditt, you can identify the phrases you need to use to gain traction. The tool mines thousands upon thousands of titles and comments to determine what you should title your work to get the most clicks.

Using Keyworditt, you can find words that the masses are already searching for. When you use these words in your own content, you are easier to spot in the flurry of activity.

Anyone with a small business that hasn’t yet received the online reaction expected of it should try a few posts with Keyworditt’s inputs!



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