How to get more Instagram followers in 2022

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4 min readMar 11, 2022

You can increase traffic to your website by getting more Instagram followers.

Now, that’s an obvious statement!

What is not obvious is — How?

The best way to get Instagram followers is to use it as a traffic source for your website. I would focus on getting Instagram followers that have a high chance of converting into customers.

It’s a given that putting up content that resonates with your target audience will get your Instagram account more eyeballs, but are we able to do that?

Here are 10 ways to gain more Instagram followers in 2022 (and beyond).

1. Hashtag Strategy

Doesn’t Instagram revolve around hashtags?

Yes, it is, but how do we choose the right ones that will enhance the impact of our content?

With a hashtag generator tool, you can find relevant and related hashtags.

Find out what hashtags your competitors are using. You don’t have to copy them exactly, but this tool can help you pick the best ones.

Analyze your hashtags to see what works.

2. Reels

Love ’em or hate ’em, Instagram reels are here to stay!

In 2022, reels will continue to soar popularity charts, so as a business, you might want to make the most of them!

Explain a concept, describe a unique offering or participate in a trend.

Be consistent and watch your analytics. You never know what will work!

3. Post Regularly

If you’re looking to get ahead in 2022, you need to make sure you’re consistent and at the right time.

Build a strong authority and schedule and stick to it!

Use scheduling tools to have your posts ready in advance and you’re at the top of your social media calendar.

4. Be Consistent — With your Tone

Consistency is important for attracting and keeping followers, but keeping your brand’s tone is just as important.

To maintain consistency, don’t change your tone or be flippant.

Be sure to think it through before you begin. What will you say?

Are you going to be playful? Serious? Amicable?

While there’s no right or wrong tone, it’s critical to make a decision and stay on with it.

5. Optimize Captions

Much like SEO, you can optimize your captions for better reach and engagement on Instagram.

Make sure you’re using the right keywords so you can land on the right results pages and have some great potential leads.

Use strong CTAs and strike conversations to have your audience respond. For instance, use phrases like — “tag your friend who’s interested in learning this,” to encourage engagement.

6. Influencer Marketing

Believe it or not, influencer marketing is a big deal in 2022. People connect with influencers and your brand can benefit from this!

Have a good pitch ready, engage with their content, follow them and eventually, pitch a partnership.

Micro-influencers can work best as they have a strong connection with their followers and have built trust value.

7. Location And Tagging

Support local businesses, that’s why it’s advisable to use the location tag. If you have an online business with your target audience spread across locations, it helps in enhancing your brand reach.

Tagging other people or brands in your posts can also help in exposure as they may share your posts too!

8. Giveaways And Contests

Give to Receive!

Contests and giveaways get the most attention on social media.

They boost engagement and make the effort worthwhile.

More so, building these efforts around user-generated content will help in endorsements.

9. Video Presence is Vital

Reels and videos are an important part of your Instagram strategy. Use these as much as you can.

You can do a live Q & A or AMA to generate a lot of buzz on your page. Use popular trends to have some extra engagement.

Plan it and have it ready. Recycle it into written posts and vice versa for more traction with less work.

10. Be Adaptable!

Social media can be fast-paced and sporadic. Stay on top of research and analytics in 2022.

Using Instagram insights and analytics, you can analyze your content and see what’s working and what’s not.

There you have it!

Here are our ways that can help you optimize your Instagram presence to garner more followers in 2022.

Which one do you think is most relevant?



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