All That You Wanted To Know About Instagram Reels. But Were Too Afraid To Ask!

Instagram and its Spooky Algorithm

As someone trying to break into Instagram here’s what you need to know: Instagram is rewarding fresh, visual content. This means three things. Reels. Stories. IGTV. Don’t know what any of that means? Keep reading!

Reels, Schmeels. Stories? IGTV?

Highlights vs IGTV vs Reel

Creating the Right Content for the Right Platform

It’s an actual marketing space. With the amount of fake followers and influencers cropping up every single day, Instagram is finding ways to reward amusing content that is authentic.

So, worry not, little soldier. Your page will grow. Like the tortoise it’ll grow, and it will grow with meaningful engagement. And we’re here along the way, to take the slow and steady journey.



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