Build. Operate. Transfer-The Answer to Small Business Marketing Needs

An interesting tool we’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks are these super awesome BOT KITS. We know we use a lot of AI to generate our content BUT before you start guessing — NO, they aren’t robots but they are just as efficient as one.

GO Online Bot: The Go Online BOT has been created for businesses, startups and even solo-preneurs who don’t have the means to create an impactful online presence on their own. That could mean your website, your social media assets, your blog, your newsletters- you name it.

GO Social BOT: This little revamp kit is for small businesses, startups, and solo-prenurs who want to revamp their social media presence — for los es who can tell something is missing or needs changing.

Go CRM BOT: Ah, this one’s for those who love organized marketing but don’t know how to utilize it well in the digital world. If you’re a small business, startup, or solo-preneur who wants to begin email campaigns/marketing and create a CRM strategy, this BOT kit is for you!

GO Virtual CMO BOT: Are you missing a marketing head — either due to lack of resources or because you’re not sure how to find one? Don’t worry. Surely, you realize that in a world of connected resources and talent you can find a virtual CMO too! The GO Virtual CMO BOT is here to be your online marketing director, a one stop shop for all your marketing needs.

You do not just have to pick one BOT. If you need a combination of services, we can help you with that too! Just pick up the phone and have a chat with our CEO — Manish to come up with the best marketing strategy for you.



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