8 of the Most Effective Digital Marketing Tips from Those Who Have Walked the Walk

Something changed this week. For no apparent reason, our favourite “thought leaders” on LinkedIn, the Business Week listicles we readily accepted and all of our usual go-to marketing sources started feeling too far removed from the advice they were spouting.

Surely, you can only get the most out of digital marketing from those who have walked the walk. What do the people who have actually relied on it in the past have to say? Is there an answer that ISN’T padded with unnecessary corporate lingo?

We scoured our contacts list and the Internet, digging up statements from some of our favourite entrepreneurs, our real life business partners and passionate responses on public forums. What’s come out of it is a platter of some of the most realistic, tried-and-tested methods to get seen, no fluff, just good natured advice.

Keep tabs on your returns

“Start by determining your objective and a timeframe for which you want to achieve it. Next, what social platforms could you use that align with your objective and target audience? Put metrics in place that allow you to know whether you’re getting closer to your goal. Then, in what ways can you measure those metrics? It doesn’t have to be complicated, but always has a way to measure the success of what you’re doing.”

Rick Mulready, business coach and digital ads expert, RickMulready.com

John Jatsch had something similar to say.

Make full use of the tools available to you

“So much of what online marketers do today is make campaign and product decisions based on gut or outdated notions when it’s never been easier to let markets [and conversion funnels] make the most profitable decisions for you.”

John Jantsch, marketing consultant who specialises in small businesses, Duct Tape Marketing

Keep it light

“Create content in a snackable format. Attention spans are at an all-time low, and we need to accommodate for that.”

Manish Sinha, co-founder and Creative Strategist at Studio4

Get up, close and personal

“In a nutshell, e-commerce personalization is tailoring a consumer’s journey, offers and content based on their previous behaviours, demographics and personal data. Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed. If you are treating every customer the same, you are leaving money on the table.”

CamMi Pham, digital strategist at thinkrenegade.com

Invest in phenomenal content.

“You’ll often see brands put a ton of effort into designing a beautiful homepage and optimizing conversions, but then half-ass it when it comes to the content in between. The thing is, the middle of the funnel is where selling happens. Your content can inspire, inform, persuade and motivate — but only if it’s good. Make it extraordinary.”

Adam Kleinberg, CEO and co-founder of Traction

Close deals as soon as possible

“The internet allows your brand to easily reach their target audience, but it also creates a million distractions. You should try to convert customers as soon as possible before they lose interest.” She recommends countdown clocks and visible timers to help create that all-important sense of urgency.

CamMi Pham, digital strategist at thinkrenegade.com

Videos are your new best friend

“It’s well documented that users are engaging with video far more than they are with text or images. If nothing else, TikTok’s meteoric rise reinforces that, so make use of little informative clips and YouTube shorts to engage new clients. It goes a long way.”

Manish Sinha, co-founder and Creative Strategist at Studio4

Honestly? It depends

Giving the most helpful tip depends on the industry you’re in, what kind of social media channels you’re part of and so forth.”

Pari Suri, senior analyst at India Bulls

We’re with Pari, 100%, and here to help! Hand us the reins of your small business and we can take care of all your marketing needs, delivering hard numbers and clear results, so YOU can focus on the product itself. Reply to this post or send us an email at manish@studio4.online and we’ll get back to you on the hour!




We are studio4. An agile, creative digital marketing studio. We love working with small biz & startups. www.studio4.online I manish@studio4.online

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Studio4 Blog

Studio4 Blog

We are studio4. An agile, creative digital marketing studio. We love working with small biz & startups. www.studio4.online I manish@studio4.online

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